Do you love to travel and capture your holiday destinations on video? Have you been to the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka? Then we are looking forward to your videos of unforgettable experiences at your favorite places. Whether it’s a thrilling round trip, breathtaking views of the endless expanses of Sri Lanka — wherever you have been or what you have visited, show us your impressions of the most beautiful destinations / Tourism related category in Sri Lanka.

All travel videos submitted by 31st August , 2020, will be viewed by our jury who will select the best video as well as best video for each category




Best Video – Tours & Activities
Best Video – Adventure Travel
Best Video – Unseen Places
Best Video – Eco Tourism
Best Video – Culture & Heritage
Best Video – Religious Attractions
Best Video – Sights & Landmarks
Best Wanderlust
Best Video – Water Sports
Best Video – Nature & Parks
Best Video – Wellness Tourism,Ayurveda and Hela Medicine
Best Video – Arts & Crafts
Best Video – Sri Lankan hospitality
Best Video – Ceylon Tea
Best Drone Video
Best Culinary Video
Best Video – Coastal and Marine Tourism
Best Video – Creative Tourism
Best Video by a Hospitality Brand
Best Video – Home Stay
Best Video by a Tourism Agency/Operator
Best Video by a Media Company
Best Video by a Tour Guide
Best Travel Video Advertisement

How Can I Participate ?

You must have filmed your video clip with a Smartphone, Camera, Drone or Video Camera. It should be a minimum of 30 seconds and maximum 10 minutes long. Please do not use any text overlays in the video. If you use music, please let us know the title and composer. And write briefly about which holiday destination / category you have recorded in the video and why it is worth a trip. Please make sure your video is appropriate (ie- no alcohol, drugs or lewd behavior shown In video). Inappropriate footage will not be allowed and will be deleted.


STEP 01 : Be sure to check our guidelines and read the terms and conditions before applying.

STEP 02: Be sure to correctly fill out all of the information in the submission form before submitting.

STEP 03: Submit Before The Deadline. Final deadline to apply is 31st August , 2020 at 11:59pm GMT(Sri Lanka)


  • Must be 18 years or older to apply
  • Entrant must be video owner, authorized company representative, or agent
  • Video must have been produced on or after January 1, 2018
  • Video entries must be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and its compulsory to include the main “hashtag” – #VISIT2SRILANKA2020 along with the “hashtag” assigned to the relevant category ( For Example : with regards to the category “Best Video – Tours & Activities” , you must use #v2sltoursactivities) and link to video must be submitted
  • Video duration must be minimum 30 seconds & maximum 10 minutes
  • Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law

General Tips and Good Ideas

  • Be creative! Use titles that are unique to you and your video. Instead of including words like “Dream & Journey” in your title, use something more imaginative and characteristic of your video. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.
  • Produce a high quality video, 4K or HD preferred. If you have a great story to tell but we’re not able to see what’s happening in your video, it won’t get the attention it may deserve.
  • Record the best quality sound possible. If you can’t be heard or understood, we won’t know how great your video is! Test the sound before you start filming and periodically throughout.
  • Your video should tell a story and be made between 01st January 2018 to 30th August 2020 (yes, we won’t accept any video recorded or produced before 1st January 2018 / using outdated sceneries).
  • Stay honest. Cheating during voting will not be tolerated. If you want your friends to vote for you make sure you tell them to visit and vote. The best way to share your video details is through email and social media.
  • The maximum time of your video is 10 minutes, but that doesn’t mean your video must be 10 minutes long.


One of the recurring problems we have with contest entries is the use of copyrighted music. There are several sites that have free music available for your video and you should use something that not only fits your video theme but doesn’t have a copyright.

Free music and sound effects for your video from YouTube:

Legal music for your video (links to many sites):


  • Can i submit videos to more than 1 category ?
    Yes, ofcourse. You can submit to any number of categories as far as the video is relevant to the category.
  • I am not too sure which category my video belongs to, Can i get some help ?
    Ofcourse , Give us a call or email us : during business hours
  • Is it Free to enter the competition?
    Definitely ! It’s totally Free to enter the competition.
  • How will my video(s) be evaluated?
    At the end of the campaign period (August 31, 2020), 25 Videos per category will be shortlisted based on the category criteria by the panel of jurors. Voters will be able to vote towards 25 shortlisted videos from each category (600 shortlisted videos in total). The voting period will begin on 12th September 2020 till 20th September 2020. Voter eligibility is open to all. Category winner will be chosen based on highest number of “valid” votes and Grand Price will be based on the Video which has received the highest number of votes from all 24 categories. All voters are required to register & vote through the special web based platform we will be proving exclusively for this competition.
  • If my video is shortlisted / nominated for a category(s), Can i announce the nomination to my Friends / audience ?
    Yes. Definitely ! Shortlisted Videos / Nominees are encouraged to announce their nomination, as each nominee will have the opportunity to win the Category Award via the audience voting process and if you got the highest number of votes among other shortlisted nominees, you will be able to claim the Grand Award as well !!
  • Can i withdraw from the competition ?
    Yes, Certainly ! Send an email to on or before 10th September 2020 with your name, video URL, and reason (Optional) why you would like to withdraw.
  • Can i get some better understanding about what sort of videos qualifies for each category?
    Definitely, YES ! We will be releasing a video explaining what sort of videos we are after under each & every category since we understand there will confusion with our expectations etc. For Example : “Best Video – Creative Tourism” , we basically needs entries / videos highlighting how we can promote Sri Lanka’s tourism in a Creative Manner / Different perspective compared to traditional methods such as Agro Tourism.


  • What are the Awards / Prices for the winning Videos ?
    Grand Award – Trophy , Certificate & Cash Price of Rs.100,000 + Gift from the sponsor. All category winners will receive a commemorative trophy, Certificate & Cash Price of Rs.10,000 + Gift from the sponsor
  • Who is eligible to vote ?
    Individuals who register to vote via the can vote.
  • When will I be notified if my video is selected for a nomination?
    Nominees will be notified by 10th September 2020 of their nominations
  • When is the voting period begins?
    The voting period will begin on 12th September 2020 till 20th September 2020. Voter eligibility is open to all.
  • How many Videos will be selected as winners?
    There is one winner per category. Each nominee will be eligible for the respective category award and category winner will be eligible for the Grand Award.
  • What are the prizes for the winning films?
    Go to the Prizes section to see all of the prizes.
  • When is the award show?
    The award show will be on 30th September 2020 in Colombo. Location will be advised later


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