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While we extend you our heartiest gratitude for empowering Sri Lanka’s travel and tourism industry, we also would like to invite you to join hands with us for an exciting journey. You can join the Largest Online Travel Directory in Sri Lanka by subscribing to a directory listing. By listing your property on VISIT 2 SRI LANKA,

  • Gain an extensive exposure and reach a larger target market.
  • Enjoy more traffic to your listing (For Accommodation Providers) .
  • Generate quality leads through genuinely interested potential buyers and increase bookings.
  • Enter into possible collaborations with industry partners.
  • Benefit from integrated marketing campaigns conducted by the platform.

Please note that our clients are given priority slots on our website and thus your paid listings get maximum visibility.

Our special introductory rates are as follows.

Featured Locations : Only 20 slots available for each Category in each location ( Hotels, Activities, Rent a Car, Tour Packages )

For those who join us & pay before 15th December 2019 : 

  • Rs.500 for the 1st month –  (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime) ,
  • Rs.1000 for the 2nd month (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime) ,
  • Rs.2000 per month from the 3rd month to 6th month (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)
  • SPECIAL OFFER 1 : If paying for 3 months in advance , it will be only Rs.2000 ( Save Rs.1500– Valid till 15th December 2019 and from 4th month – 6th month, Rs.2000 per month – No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)
  • SPECIAL OFFER 2 : If paying for 6 months in advance , it will be only Rs.5000 ( Save Rs.4500– Valid till 15th December 2019 – No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)
  • SPECIAL OFFER 3 : Introduce a business and get 10% off starting from your next monthly subscription fee. Example : If you introduce 10 businesses , you are getting 100% off which means you advertise for FREE !!

For those who join us & pay after 15th December 2019 : 

  • Rs.2000 per month from Month 1 – 6  (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)

Home Page (Only 20 slots available for each Category ( Hotels, Activities, Rent a car, Tour Packages )

  • For only Rs.5000 for the 1st month (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)
  • Rs.10,000 for the 2nd month (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime) ,
  • Rs.20,000 from the 3rd month on wards (No Contracts, you can cancel anytime)

Click on the below link to visit a sample Location page.

Kindly Note : Hotel / Accommodation Providers : To maintain our standards & to give our customers an exceptional customer service , we DO NOT list any Hotel where the overall rating is below 7.5 out of 10.

As we are trying to make this as convenient as possible for all our clients, payments can be made via bank deposits, PayPal (a PayPal account isn’t necessary to make the payments) and bank/cash transfers.

We will email you our bank/PayPal details upon submitting the Registration Form

If you wish to learn more about VISIT 2 SRI LANKA, please do not hesitate to contact us on 038 22 49 8 49 or 071 64 66 750 between 9.00 am to 6.00pm (Mon-Sun).

We, at VISIT 2 SRI LANKA, are looking forward to joining hands with you for a thriving partnership.


Do i need to submit any identification documents ?
It is compulsory for you to provide us details such as Your Full Name, Address , Registered Business Name, Business Registration Number ( If any) , Business Address , NIC / Passport Number & scan copies ( you may email us or send through Facebook messenger ) , Telephone Numbers , E Mail ID etc to identify you and for us to invoice etc . Until we get all above identification details , we wont list your business under any circumstances
How many services i can add per subscription ?
Its only 1. Let’s say you are an owner of 2 Hotels. You will be able to advertise just 1 hotel per location subject to your Hotel is with If you want to advertise the 2nd Hotel in the same location or different location, you may do so , but by paying a separate monthly subscription fee and depending on the availability of advertising slots.
How much commission do i need to pay to VISIT 2 SRI LANKA ? ( For Tour Packages, Activities & Rent a car services only )
Its only 10% of the total advertised fee for every successful booking. If there is any changes to the fee you are charging, its your responsibility to inform us then we will make the changes accordingly. we DO NOT charge a commission from Hotel listings since we get paid from for every successful booking through us.
How do i know whether there is a booking for us ?
Its compulsory to include an E-Mail address which you check regularly at the time of registering with us. Its your responsibility to make necessary arrangements to facilitate the booking upon receiving of the booking confirmation from us
Can i cancel my subscription at any time ?
Yes absolutely ! No Contracts, you can cancel anytime
How long is the subscription valid for ?
Its valid for 30 days.Unless you renew the subscription, it will get expired automatically.
Do i need to give content such as text & images ?
Yes , Definitely. We need good quality content such as text & images for every listing. Please ensure the content such as text & images doesn't violate Copyright Law and images are in very good quality. Images should be in JPEG/PNG format and sizes should be MINIMUM 870 width 555 height in pixels. Apart from RENT A CARS, we DO NOT undertake photo editing FREE OF CHARGE. Please get your self familiar with our listings with regards to RENT A CAR, TOUR PACKAGES & ACTIVITIES to get an idea of how to structure the content etc.
Removal of Listings or Refuse to Advertise
We do have every right to REFUSE any listing and refund the payment if we feel that the content got Copyright Issues or if we feel our reputation will get affected as a result of publishing your listing. We reserve the right to reject, cancel, or remove any advertising from for any reason at any time. We will provide reasonable notice to the advertiser upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of any advertising. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to comply with all applicable domestic and foreign laws and regulations. If we become aware of any breach or potential breach of any applicable law or regulation, or of these Guidelines, we may remove the listing with immediate effect. No advertising shall be permitted that may injure the good name or reputation of VISIT 2 SRI LANKA PTY LTD | VISIT 2 LANKA HOLDINGS PVT LTD or our affiliates. If we see that you are not providing a good customer service to our clients and as a result getting negative feedback, to safeguard our reputation and to safeguard our customers, we will remove your listing with immediate effect and you won’t be entitled for any refunds such as Monthly subscription fee etc.

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