Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak

Almost touching the sky at a height of 2250 meters, Adam’s Peak is the fourth highest mountain in Sri Lanka.Locally known as ‘Sri Pada’, Adam’s Peak is Sri Lanka’s holiest mountain since the locals believe that the footprint etched on its rocky top is a footprint of the Lord Buddha. However, it has become a place of worship for people of all faiths. Pilgrims have been regularly making the climb to the summit for over a thousand years to worship the said footprint.

This is a great destination for tourists to witness a glorious sunrise that creates a stunning spectacle in the sky. Although it is a challenging five kilometer journey, you will be rewarded with fascinating views once you reach the top. Do not forget to put on some warm clothing and perhaps even keep a sleeping bag with you if you plan to hiketo the top at night and have a rest while waiting for the sunrise to paint the morning sky in dazzling hues of gold and orange.
As you near the top, the path becomes much steeper and the stairs have fixed handrails on either side. From here the path is also divided into two lanes, one for pilgrims and tourists climbing up and one for those going down. Pilgrims chant or pray as they climb up. They also greet others who are making the same tough journey uphill.

The pilgrimage season starts in December and comes to an end in May-on Vesak Poya day. One route to the climb is reached from Hatton through the Peak Wilderness area, while the other is through Kuruwita-Erathna route.

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