Ancient Kingdom of Polonnaruwa

An ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa boasts marvels of structural majesty that speak of a civilisation which flourished in the area for a thousand years. See ancient history where the poetry of sculpture is seen in the majestic Gal Vihara Complex as well as the Buddhist frescoes at the Thivanka Image House. The remnants of the mighty kingdom speaks volumes of Buddhist civilisation which produced skills of hydraulic engineering capable of constructing some of the biggest man-made irrigation systems in the world. Many still provide water to the thousands of thousands of acres of rice paddies in the surrounding villages.

Polonnaruwa is a maze of age-old artefacts including stupas, ruins of ancient structures and tombs. The intricate statute of King Parakramabahu is one of the key attractions in Polonnaruwa. Said to be the first stupa built in Sri Lanka, Thuparamaya also stands amidst the calm environs of the ancient city. Another important site is the Nissankalatha Mandapaya or King Nissankamalla’s Council Chamber, which is an ornate structure of traditional Sri Lankan architecture. The Lankatilleke Image House had been twice as tall during the heyday of Polonnaruwa kingdom. The circular Vatadage is yet another magnificent structure in Polonnaruwa. Four Buddha statues gaze at the onlooker from the circular building, which is a serene sight. The seven storied building known as the “Sath Mahal Prasadaya” is an unconventional stupa. Its square shape is said to be originated from Siam and Cambodia, which are also Buddhist countries.

Polonnaruwawa - VISIT 2 SRI LANKA
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