The pulsating metropolis of the island, Colombo has a charm of its own. Vehicles boisterously canter through traffic jams and people are as busy as bees. The city is a perfect mix of the old and the new- elegant colonial edifices amidst sleek high-rises and chic hotels trying to reach the heavens. The esoteric rhythms of the city seamlessly mingle with its exuberant vibe.The sea kissed Galle Face Green is Colombo’s most sought-after recreational space that affords stunning sunsets. The city is also home to meticulously restored colonial buildings, which remain a testament to the colonial period of the island.

The famed National Museum of Colombo is a treasure trove of history as it houses a multitude of historical artifacts that are utterly impossible to value, both intrinsically and historically. Walk through the narrow streets of Pettah sandwiched between stores and rows and rows of bikes and tuk-tuks parked on either side of the road. From spices, to vegetables, to cooking utensils, to sarees and jewellery, you can find anything and everything in Pettah. For a more commercial take on Sri Lankan culture, try shopping in bustling Colombo. From shopping malls, to luxury boutiques, to chic restaurants and cineplexes, there is a lot on offer. Colombo is also a melting pot of flavours where you can sample various cuisine from traditional Sri Lankan to Middle Eastern, Western and Chinese cuisine. Colombo offers more than a night’s stay as there is so much to see and do.

Lotus Tower Colombo - VISIT 2 SRI LANKA
Colombo Museum- VISIT 2 SRI LANKA
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