The scenic town of Dambulla is renowned for its ancient rock cave temple. Steeped in history, the cave temple is an awe inspiring sight. The temple is acclaimed as the largest and best preserved complex of Buddha statues and rock paintings in South East Asia. It was declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1991.The life-like sculptures and stunning arts are a mirror image of the skill and dexterity of the craftsman. There are about 150 Buddha statues housed within five caves of the temple. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic walkways that offer beautiful views of the area.

The trading activities of Dambulla is centered on its Economic Centre. This bustling wholesale market is a maze of vegetable stalls, which is on its toes 24/7. Fresh vegetables and fruits are brought in everyday and lorries come to transport the daily produce to various locations across the island. Three massive hangars host around 150 stalls. Namal Uyana is yet another place of interest worthy of a visit when in Dambulla. It is said to be the largest ironwood forest and rose Quartz mountain in Asia. An oasis of green, Namal Uyana is rich in natural beauty. Namal Uyana is also a place of historical importance as it is home to ruins of an ancient monastery. Dambulla is a famous destination for hot air ballooning tours. Take to the air and enjoy fascinating bird’s eye views of Dambulla’s lush landscapes, dense forests, ancient sites, mighty hilltops and wild elephants roaming freely.

Dambulla - VISIT 2 SRI LANKA
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