With its rolling hills, verdant valleys, and emerald tea fields, the bracing air and natural beauty of Ella will hold the visitor in its thrall. About 250 kilometers from Colombo lies Ella, one of the famed tourist towns in the Badulla district. Associated with the legendary tale of Ramayana, Ella is home to many mysteriously beautiful places such as the Ravana cave. The Ella Gap offers surreal views of the terrain that are sure to take your breath away. Visit the Nine Arches Bridge, the most sought-after attraction in Ella to catch a glimpse of the Badulla bound train passing over the bridge. This iconic bridge over the Demodara gorge was built in the 1920s with blocks of stones and cement without using steel or concrete.

A hike up Ella Rock is a truly rewarding experience. The rocky and winding path to the top of the rock is scenic beyond words as looming trees and creepers reveal a stunning spectacle. You will trek through emerald tea fields on your way to the summit. Though this hike may take about two hours, once you take the last step and conquer the top of Ella Rock, the views are nothing short of striking.The hike to Mini Adam’s Peak also affords equally beautiful views. The longest zip-line in the country, which offers a bird’s eye view of the hilltops and forests, runs over the lush greenery of Ella. The stunning Ravana Ella Falls is also located on the Ella-Wellawaya Road. Do not forget to wander through one of Ella’s many tea plantations and try your hands at plucking tea leaves.

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