Explore the scenic town of Galle, which is home to the Galle Fort with a history stretching back centuries. In the old days, Galle was a bustling port through which traders from far-off lands shipped the island’s treasures- cinnamon, gems, ivory and much more to markets in the western world. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site that draws visitors from over the world. Visit the Fort through one of the two main entry points, and be prepared to witness the mighty Fort facing the majestic Indian Ocean. You would probably get a chance to see the local men who make a living by making a daring leap off the ramparts into the waters below. Criss-cross the picturesque streets within the Fort and catch a glimpse of ancient Dutch and English churches, chic eateries, art galleries and craft boutiques. The Old Dutch Reformed Church located within the Fort is an iconic monument of the colonial era. The Gothic style All Saints Church is also a stunning reflection of colonial architecture. You can also visit the warehouses of the Dutch East India Company, the Old Dutch Hospital, the Court Square and the Sri Sudarmalaya Buddhist Temple. The National Maritime Museum housed in a warehouse in the Commandment Bastion dates back to 1671, and is a treasure trove of history. The famous stilt fishermen in action along the south coast is a common sight in Galle. Do not forget to visit the former Dutch Hospital in Galle which has been converted into a stylish shopping complex that houses restaurants, boutiques and fancy shops.

Galle Fort - VISIT 2 SRI LANKA
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