Horton Plains – Ohiya

Located over 2,000 meters above sea level, Horton Plains is Sri Lanka’s highest tableland. Horton Plains is a part of the Peak Wilderness, which is a protected area declared by UNESCO. It can be accessed from Colombo through Avissawella, Nuwara Eliya and Bandarawela towns. This mist wrapped terrain boasts a mind-boggling landscape with breathtakingly beautiful views. The area is covered with mountainous grasslands, pockets of thick cloud forests as well as rocky plains. Kirigalpoththa, the island’s second highest peak lies to the south, while Thotupolakadna, the third highest peak of the country lies to the north. The forest canopy of the Park is as high as 60 feet.

Horton Plains National Park is home to over 50 varieties of flowers and 24 species of mammals including sambar deer, wild buffalo, leopard and even the slender Loris. It is said that 20 of Sri Lanka’s 26 endemic bird species are found here. You can also spot vibrant bunches of raspberries, wild berries and strawberries hidden amidst its thick foliage. You can follow the 10-kilometer scenic trek along the picture-perfect paths of Horton Plains and witness its wonderful delights such as Chimney Pool and Baker’s Fall. The World’s End is a deadly drop in Horton Plains that affords surreal views of the salubrious mountains. Make sure to reach the World’s End before the thick veil of mist rolls in to enjoy the scenery. The trek to this sheer cliff is about four kilometers. To catch up with the best of Horton Plains National Park, plan your visit during January to March.

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