The vibrant northern peninsula of the island is a striking blend of culture, natural beauty, religious fervour and cuisine. A bustling city that moves to a rhythm of its own, there is so much to be explored in Jaffna. A majestic remnant of Jaffna’s colonial epoch, the famous Dutch Fort in Jaffna, was built by the Portuguese in 1618. This pentagon shaped Fort overlooks the Jaffna lagoon. Interestingly, its five bastions were named after Dutch provinces- Holland, Gelderland, Zeeland, Friesland and Utrecht. Although the interior of the Fort has not stood the test of time, the outer structure made out of limestone and black coral still remains in good condition.

One of the most revered Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil in Jaffna is a beautiful manifestation of Dravidian architecture. With a looming five-storied golden gopuram, the presence of the Kovil adds to the enigmatic character of Jaffna. The Church of St John the Baptist, Church of Our Lady of Refuge and Jaffna Secretariat’s Office are reminders of Jaffna’s colonial past. The Manthri Manai (Minister’s House) is also a colonial building that features a fusion of European and Dravidian architecture. The famous Jaffna Library houses an extensive collection of booksand is an interesting to place. With shallow waters and corals, Casuarina beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern peninsula. It is aptly named after the Casuarina trees that border the shore. The silvery sands are as soft as powder and the clam teal of the waters soothes the eye.

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