Approximately 11kilometers away from the Tissamaharama town junction, lies Kirinda.Kirinda is a peaceful little town which is known for its historic sites and stunning landscapes. On one side of the town is the serene seaside dotted with sunbaked streets and shabby buildings. On the other side is a secluded terrain of thick woods and landscapes, giving a glimpse of what’s in store-Yala National Park.

The most prominent attraction in Kirinda is Kirinda Raja Maha Viharaya that gleams in pristine white. It is an ancient temple built by King Kavantissa. With an ancient stupa on the coast, this area is famous for the legendary accounts of Princess Viharamaha Devi, to whom the temple is dedicated. Today, a statue of the brave princess stands in the temple casting her benevolent gaze upon the visitors. The stupa looming against the vast blue sky is a sight to revel in. There are three small shrines in the temple dedicated to Kataragama deviyo, Suman Saman deviyo and Vishnu deviyo. One can witness sweeping views of the Kirinda fishing harbor, sand dunes and the Indian Ocean from the temple.
The Great Basses Reef Lighthouse is another attraction in Kirinda which is accessible only by boat. The soringlighthouse stands tall even after being hit by the mighty waves of Tsunami in 2004. You can visit the Great Basses and Little Basses reefs which are just a 45-minute boat ride from Kirinda. The reefs are teeming with marine life including Giant Maori Wrasses, Porpoises, harmless Graysharks, Tuna, Groupers, Rays, Angelfishand Snappers. If you are an ardent wreck diver make sure to explore the nearby shipwrecks, including
a treasure ship that belonged to the great Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb, discovered by Sir Arthur C Clarke.

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