The charming town of Kithulgala lies under a canopy of green, and is home to winding hills adorned with an emerald carpet of tea and rubber. It is also the centre for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. Famed for being the movie set of “Bridge of the River Kwai”, Kithulagala gushes with rapids, splashing across rocks and boulders to offer you an adventurous time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is the wildest part of the mighty Kelani River. A hub for water based adventures, Kithugala is well-known for white-water rafting and you can spot many wayward boating centreson the A7 road. When in Kithulgala hop on an inflatable raft and navigate the KelaniRiver and witness stunning scenery as you move forward. Although white water rafting may seem that it’s only for experienced adventure seekers, it is even considered safe for children above 10 years.If you think that sitting on a raft while rushing down white-water rapids is hardcore, you must trythe wildest rafting experience-black water rafting. One can also try out kayaking along the waters. Abseil down one of the waterfalls in Kithulagala for a quick boost of adrenaline. Gliding along the flowing rocks of the river and plunging into small pools at the base is one of the thrilling activities to do in Kithulgala.Kithulgala is also a great destination for bird watching and jungle trekking with many scenic trails amidst its thick pockets of forests.Visit Kithulagala between May and December as it is the ideal time for white water rafting.

White water Rafting - Kithulagala
Kitulgala Rafting
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