Located in the Uva province, Mahiyanganaya is home to Sri Lanka’s veddah community-native forest dwellerswho preserve a direct line of descent from the island’s original inhabitants dating from at least 125,000 BC. Even today, their lifestyle are simple and they live in matti gewal, embracing the art of earthen living. One can visit them to witness their intriguing traditions and customs. Since they are honey gatherers, you can also get a real taste of bee honey when in Mahiyanganaya. However, there is so much more to see in Mahiyanganaya than the Veddhas.

According to the annals of history, Buddha visited Mahiyanganaya and preached the Dharma. It is believed that the stupa at the Mahiyanganaya Raja Maha Viharaya temple was constructed to mark this significant incident. The locals say that the stupa is located at the exact site that the Gautama Buddha first visited the island. After listening to the sermon, God Sumana Saman had requested an object for worship and the Buddha gave him a lock of hair, which was enshrined in the stupa. After the passing away of the Buddha, the left collar bone relic was also enshrined in the same stupa.

The massive Sorabora Wewa in Mahiyanganaya is an awe-inspiring sight. According to folklore, the reservoir was built by a giant named ‘Bulatha’ during the Anuradhapura Kingdom. What is unique about this gigantic tank is that the sluice gates were built using natural rocks from the nearby boulder. More interestingly, the sluice gates function properly even today.

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