Hidden in the central hills, Matale is an agricultural town steeped in history and heritage. At an altitude of 546 meters, Matale offers scenic views at every turn. The history of the town is closely associated with the Matale Rebellion of 1848, an epic battle between the British rulers and heroic islanders.

Christ Church in Matale was built by Bishop James Chapman in December 1860 and it is the oldest church in Matale. Sri Mutthu Mariamman Thevasthanam is located opposite the central bus station of Matale. This Hindu temple was established centuries ago by the Indian traders who visited the town of Matale to carry out their business activities. The historical Aluviharaya Rock Temple in Matale is a place held in deep reverence since it is where the teachings of the Buddha were transcribed into text on Ola leaves. The cave complex of the temple houses intricate Buddha images, and there are ancient inscriptions on the exterior of the caves.

The Sembuwatta Lake in Matale is a stunning man-made pond set against a backdrop of looming mountains. Situated in the Elkaduwa plantation, the lake is filled by natural spring water, with a depth of at least 30-40 meters.Wiltshire is a stunning mountain range in Matale which is relatively unexplored. One can also visit Riverston which is a part of the famed Knuckles Mountain. The Riverston peak with a sheer drop of 300 meters,is called the ‘Mini World’s End’, and it offers sweeping views of the area. Not so far from Riverston is ‘Pitawala Pathana’ which is a mountainous terrain blessed with scenic waterfalls, natural pools and pockets of thickets.

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