The tranquil coastal town of Nilaveli is all about turquoise waters and sugary sands. About 20 kilometers from Trincomalee town, lies Nilaveli which is a beach haven ideal to indulge in the luxuries of nature. In an island where beach chairs are often crammed as tightly as on a ship’s deck, this is a gem of a beach destination without madding crowds. There’s blindingly white sand, swaying palm trees, and shallow waters that you will have all to yourself. Nilaveli is also one of the best unpsoilt beaches in Sri Lanka. The waters off of Nilaveli beach are hotspots for whale and dolphin watching. Some of the different species sighted here are Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Byrde’s Whales, Spinner Dolphins and Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. May to September is the best time to visit this beach paradise.

Pigeon Island is located one kilometer off this secluded beach. The island is one of the country’s two marine parks national parks. The scenic coral garden around the island is what Pigeon Island offers its visitors- a vibrant kingdom undersea where jewel like coral fish spark in between the masses of rainbow-hued coral formations. Spanning over an area of 471 hectares, the island’s name is derived from the hundreds of Rock Pigeons that nest there.The calm shallow waters of the bay attract many bathers and snorkellers. When in Nilaveli you can also visit the Kinniya hot water spring. Interestingly, the temperature of each well varies from one another. It is also believed that the water of these hot water springs has miraculous healing powers. The springs could be crowded during the day so make sure to avoid the rush.

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