Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Known as Sri Lanka’s largest botanical garden, with 147 acres and over 4000 species of plants, Peradeniya Botanical Garden is a vibrant world of dazzling blooms. The Royal Botanical Garden or the lush green estate of the park is famed for its significant collection of 300 species of orchids. It is delightful to catch a glimpse of the vibrant little bunches of orchids dangling from the plants that are hung from the top. The oldest tree of the park is a Bo tree which was planted in 1875 by His Excellency the late King Edward VII.

Take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in the calm environs of the Garden dotted with colourful blooms wherever you may go. Amidst the park’s neatly manicured and tendered landscape, you will come across various birds including endemic species such as Layards Parakeet, Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot, Brown Capped Babbler, Yellow Fronted Barbet as well as a number of endemic reptiles. The lush terrain of the Garden is home to over 18 species of mammals. Among the 10,000 or more trees found in the park, are the Giant Bamboo of Burma, the century old giant Javan fig tree, the Cannonball tree and a range of exotic palms. The Great Lawn of the park is an ideal to spot to enjoy a picnic spread indulging in its cooling climes. The iconic suspension bridge to the north of the park across the MahaweliRiver connects the garden to the Gannoruwa road.

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