Tissamaharama or Tissa was the capital of the ancient Ruhunu Kingdom in the 2nd century BC. Today, Tissa is a simple town in Hambantota. Tissamaharamaya is named after King Kavantissa who developed the city by building many establishments including irrigation systems that still remain as testaments to the ingenuity of Sri Lanka’s ancient civilisation. The mighty King built themassive Tissawewa Lake as well as the Debarawewa Lake. These Lakes still nourish the area and serve as unique water conserving systems. Set against a charming background, Tissawewa is the very spirit of the town. A boat safari along Tissawewa is an ideal way to witness its rich vegetation, birdlife and scenic views.

The lush landscape of the town is dotted with looming dagobas. Among them are the Tissa dagoba which is believed to have been built around 200BC by King Kavantissa. The stupa has a circumference of 165 meters and stands 55.8 meters in high. The dagoba looks amazing when it is lit up at night. Several ancient Buddhist temples including the Maha Stupa, Sandagiri Seya and monastery complex, and the Menik dagobas are all located nearby and you can easily explore them on foot. Although small in size, the archeological Museum of the town provides a glimpse into the ancient Ruhunu Kingdom.Yatala Wehera in Tissamaharamaya was built by King Mahanaga, 2300 years ago. In Tissamaharama, making curd or meekiri is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Made with fresh buffalo milk, curd is one of Sri Lanka’s finest desserts and Tissamaharma curd is considered the best in the island.

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