Nestled in the South East of the island spanning over an area of 97,890 hectares, Yala National Park boasts the highest density of leopards in the world. You can spot these apex predators wandering in the wilderness during a safari. The wildlife sanctuary consists of diverse ecosystems from green patches to sandy beaches. The Park can be accessed through two main gates; Kataragama and Palatupana, and the Park is comprised of five separate blocks. Yala teems with exotic flora and fauna which enhance its diversity as well as beauty. It is not an exaggeration to say that Yala National Park is The Jungle Book brought to glorious life, as stated by Lonely Planet.

Led by matriarch, herds of wild elephants walk towards the watering holes, making trumpeting calls and raising a mist of dust. Yala National Park is also home to the sloth bear which is a mammal native to the Indian subcontinent. The bear season in Yala is during May where they climb Palu trees to feast on its juicy fruit. Herds of deer feeding on the wet grass is a common sight in Yala. The wildlife Park provides home to many avian species, reptiles and mammals including buffalo, monkeys, smabar deer, crocodile, wild boars, pelicans and peacocks. If you are keen on bird watching, visit Yala during October to April as it becomes home to many migratory birds during this period. If you wish to spot Yala’s big game, go on a game drive during the dry season-from May to September. Please note that the Park is closed from September to mid-October annually.

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