Sri Lanka is one of the most photogenic destinations in Asia. After Colombo being named the ‘must photograph’ travel destination of 2019, the little tropical island is drawing jet setters from around the world. Today, taking a picture of a place only to gram it or put it on Instagram practically goes hand-in-hand with visiting a destination. Of course, some places prove particularly well-suited for photo ops. Instagram has now become the new photo album for travelers, only better considering it comes complete with instantaneous likes and comments from your friends who wish they were traveling the world with you. And these are the five most Insta-worthy places in Sri Lanka.

1.Red mosque in Pettah

The Jamiul Alfar Masjid is a towering edifice in the heart of Colombo’s commercial area – Pettah. The remarkable feature of this mosque is that instead of the usual white, each brick of this building has been painted in red and white creating a striking design. This mosque is of Indi-Saracenic architecture with pomegranate shaped domes. Make sure that you strike a pose in font of this vibrant mosque when in Colombo.

Red Mosque - Colombo

2.Lotus Tower

The sky-high Lotus Tower located smack dab in the middle of Colombo resembles a lotus flower. Casting a giant shadow over Slave Island, the 350m tower is a multi-purpose building. With a bulbous top glowing in pink to resemble the blossom, it is the tallest in South Asia. The soaring tower is visible from almost everywhere in the city and all what you have to do is finding that right spot to capture your Insta-worthy photograph.

Lotus Tower

3.Coconut grove in Mirissa

A picturesque spot in the mesmerizing beach town of Mirissa has now become one of the favorite photo ops of avid Instagrammers. A short walk (approximately 20 minutes) towards the left from the main beach of Mirissa takes you to the famed coconut grove, which is as pretty as a picture. Try to capture your Instagram short with the sunset on the backdrop for that extra dose of glam. Apart from the coconut grove, there’s nothing much to be explored.

Coconut tree Hill - Mirissa

4.Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

The charming little town of Ella is like a scenery on a picture postcard. Yet, the iconic Nine Arches Bridge is Ella’s biggest draw for Instagrammers. The photograph of the Badulla bound train passing along on the Nine Arch Bridge often pops up on Instagram. After the arduous trek to the bridge through shrubs and bushes, the photograph you capture is indeed a fitting reward.

Nine Arche Bridge

5.Galle Fort

Apart from its historic landmarks, the rightly dubbed UNSECO World Heritage Site is a place where romance and history play side by side. Funky cafes, quirky antique shops, vibrant art galleries and quaint churches line the labyrinth of cobblestone streets. Add to that swaths of open spaces affording gorgeous sea views, storied colonial facades, and museums filled with history, and you have yourself one of Sri Lanka’s most impressive cultural hotspots as your backdrop.

Galle Fort